NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision Holds Second Annual Conference in Dallas, TX

Jan 28, 2022


Welcome to The Power Window Doctors, where we bring you the latest news and updates from the automotive industry. In this article, we are excited to share detailed information about the second annual conference hosted by NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision in Dallas, Texas.

About NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision

NOVUS Glass has been a leader in the automotive glass repair and replacement industry for over 45 years. Their commitment to innovation, quality service, and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted brand among vehicle owners. ProColor Collision, on the other hand, is a renowned name when it comes to collision repair services. With their state-of-the-art facilities and expert technicians, ProColor Collision ensures that vehicles are restored to their original condition.

The Second Annual Conference

The second annual conference held by NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision in Dallas, TX, created a platform for industry professionals to come together and exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences. This conference showcased the latest advancements, emerging trends, and best practices in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

Key Highlights of the Conference

1. Expert Speaker Sessions:

The conference featured renowned speakers from various sectors of the automotive industry, including specialists in glass repair, collision repair, and overall vehicle maintenance. These speakers shared valuable insights about their experiences and provided attendees with tips and strategies to excel in their respective fields.

2. Interactive Workshops:

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops that focused on specific areas of interest. These workshops were designed to enhance the attendees' skills and knowledge, showcasing the latest repair techniques, industry-specific tools, and innovative technologies that can be implemented in their daily operations.

3. Networking Opportunities:

The conference served as a networking hub for like-minded professionals, fostering collaborations and business connections. Attendees had the chance to engage with industry experts, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships that could benefit their businesses.

Benefits of Attending the Conference

By attending the second annual conference hosted by NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision in Dallas, attendees gained numerous benefits:

1. Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge

Keeping up with the fast-paced automotive industry can be challenging. However, through firsthand information shared by experts at the conference, attendees gained invaluable knowledge about the latest advancements and industry practices.

2. Enhanced Skills and Techniques

Workshops conducted during the conference exposed attendees to cutting-edge repair techniques and tools, enabling them to enhance their skills and stay ahead in a competitive market.

3. Business Growth Opportunities

The networking sessions provided attendees with opportunities to connect with key industry leaders, potential partners, and suppliers. Building such connections can lead to new business collaborations and expansions.

4. Access to Innovative Products and Services

Manufacturers and suppliers showcased their latest products and services, giving attendees the chance to explore new offerings that can be integrated into their business operations for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The Power Window Doctors is thrilled to bring you insights into the second annual conference hosted by NOVUS Glass & ProColor Collision in Dallas, Texas. This gathering of industry professionals and experts served as a platform for knowledge sharing, skill enhancement, and valuable networking opportunities. Attending conferences like these not only ensures individuals stay updated with the latest industry trends but also opens doors to new possibilities and growth in their respective businesses.